5 Reasons You Should Take Part in Organize Your Home Day

5 Reasons You Should Take Part in Organize Your Home Day

Every January 14th we take part in a little known holiday called “Organize Your Home Day”, where Americans across the nation recognize the spirit of the holiday by decluttering, compartmentalizing, and organizing their homes. Ever since the pandemic began, celebrating Organize Your Home Day has taken on a different meaning since we are now spending much more time at home and not being able to sometimes escape our home as easily as we would have in the past. Continue reading to see our top 5 reasons why you should be taking part in Organize Your Home Day in order to kick off your 2022 properly!

  1. Get Ahead on Spring Cleaning: With just over two months until the spring season is officially here on March 20th, one great reason to take part in this productive holiday is to get a head start on your annual spring cleaning. Many people think once the spring thaw begins to happen and the cold weather disappears that it’ll be easier to tackle some of your home’s much needed chores. Being proactive and taking advantage of this holiday helps you mitigate the daunting task that is spring cleaning and helps chop up the long list of chores you would most likely encounter in March.
  2. Our Homes Are Now Our Office: With working from home becoming the new normal in the  COVID-19 era, many of us have converted one of our rooms into a home office to combine both the personal and professional areas of your life underneath the same roof. Those 40 plus hours a week we would be commuting to and spending time at work are now spent just a few steps away from our bedroom. Those extra hours of working, cooking your lunch, and using the bathroom only expedite the clutter and smell your home is acquiring. Sorting out your belongings and your work space will do you numerous favors in the fact that you’ll not only be organizing your house so everything is properly cleaned, but in the process you’ll be decluttering your workspace and setting yourself up for a more productive workday. 
  3. Quarantine Clean-Up: Now more than ever, we are spending more time at home. To be exact, Americans have spent 11% more time at home since the pandemic started. In the past, holding off until spring was here would have been acceptable but now that we are lounging around more in clothes that are more absorbent to smell, piling on more trash from increased cooking at home, and shopping from home more, we are in need of a reset. Many of us are also trying to combat “quarantine bodies” so working out from home has also become an increasingly popular pastime which as you can imagine, only adds more odors in your home’s air. Long story short, you probably need a halftime of sorts in order from being buried under all these smells and mess that are quietly building up. 
  4. Post Holiday Clean-Up: The holidays were not that long ago and some of us still haven’t mustered up the strength to take down our Christmas tree, empty out the fridge of excess holiday foods, throw away your gift wrappings, and dispose of your many Christmas gift boxes. Having your holiday clutter on top of your home and workspace clutter can be overwhelming. Utilizing this holiday is the perfect opportunity to shrink down some of the stress that comes with an untidy home. Clutter aside, your house may have also acquired a myriad of smells from your holiday guests' visiting to holiday cooking that left behind some cooking odors that are still in your home. Addressing both the clutter and odors in your home will help you leave the holidays of 2021 behind so you can solely focus on 2022. 
  5. Starting Your New Year Off Right: We are only two weeks into 2022 and now is not the time to get comfortable and fall back into old habits. Studies show that most New Year's resolutions will be abandoned by January 19th. Whether your resolution was to be your best self, be more productive, or take charge of your own life, that all starts at home in a clean and organized environment. Let Azuna be a part of the solution and help organize the odors in your home so your humble abode both looks and smells amazing! Our Azuna Whole Home Kit is the perfect remedy as it treats 4 small rooms for up to 60-90 days throughout the year! The perfect amount of time to hold you over until spring cleaning season begins!

If 5 reasons isn’t enough to convince you to get a head start on cleaning then we don’t know what is! Having an organized home has numerous benefits and leads to an overall better and healthier life. We hope you have a happy Organize Your Home Day and make the most of it this year!

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