Azuna's All-Natural Spray

Azuna's All-Natural Spray

Our Azuna All-Natural Spray works wonders, smells crisp and clean, and looks interesting but how do you use it? Can you spray it on cloth surfaces to eliminate odors? Can you spray on hard surfaces to clean and freshen up a wall or counter? Can it remove mold growing on a garage or basement wall? Can it get rid of funky sneaker smells? Can it freshen up a gym bag or sports equipment? The answer to all of these questions is YES!!

Here are our top three Azuna use cases!

1. Stinky Footwear

Whether it’s sneakers, boots, sandals, cleats, or even ice skates, smelly footwear is something we all deal with! A couple sprays of our all-natural spray can help defeat that musty foot odor. Is there a million products that rid shoes of odors? Sure, but how many are versatile enough to eliminate odors on multiple surfaces and also clean hard surfaces, not many! 

You can go straight from deodorizing your gym shoes to cleaning the shoe rack they sit on! Again, there’s few footwear deodorizers that also eliminate bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus if any at all!

2. Smelly Sports Equipment

Chances are you have your own smelly gym bag or your kids have some raunchy sports equipment laying somewhere in the house! After hours in the gym, on the court, or at the ice the stuff we wear begins to stink. Whether it’s pads, gloves, helmets, gym equipment or even the duffle bag it’s all sitting in, Azuna spray can take care of all that old sweat. 

Use Azuna all-natural spray after each workout or practice and never worry about a lingering B.O. smell again!

3. Musty Old Couches

After spending a lot more time at home this year, you’ve probably noticed some smells you’ve never noticed before. Plenty of smells can come from being a couch potato with your furry friends! If it’s a wet dog smell or even just an old couch mothball type of smell Azuna spray directly on the fabric will help freshen your entire living room. 

With Azuna’s all-natural spray all you have to do is spray and let it sit. No scrubbing, no washing, no dangerous chemicals, and most importantly no work! Just spray, let it dry and watch Azuna work it’s magic!

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Here are a few of the many harsh chemical-laden products that Azuna replaces. Naturally.

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You may not know this but some of the biggest sources of indoor air pollution are the very products that you use to freshen your home, your clothes and your cars. When used, these products release phtalates and other heavy, unnatural chemicals into your air. That's why, according to the EPA, indoor air (where the average American spends 90% of their time) is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.