Eliminating Pet Odors

Eliminating Pet Odors

One of our most popular uses for Azuna small and large room treatments is for our furry best friends stinking up the house! Whether it’s litter boxes, hidden shedded hair, remnants of old food, or anything else, our pets can really stink up the house! We’ve gotten a ton of questions on how, where and why to use Azuna due to pet stink and we’re writing this to explain in detail. 

First we’ll address the “danger” that involves tea tree oil and pets. We get a lot of comments, messages and emails about tea tree oil being toxic to pets. Whether it’s ingested or inhaled through a diffuser, tea tree oil can indeed be toxic to our furry little best friends. Ingested tea tree oil is no good for any animal! We suggest placing Azuna products away from where your pet can reach so there is 0% chance of that ever happening. As for inhaled tea tree oil, it can be harmful in some cases. For the sake of tea tree oil in diffusers it has been shown to be harmful to animals' respiratory systems. Diffusers disperse large amounts of tea tree oil that is highly concentrated as droplets into the air. These droplets can go directly into your pets’ nose or mouth and cause damage but, Azuna is different. 

Azuna uses a very low concentrated Australian tea tree blend in treatments so it is not even potentially dangerous unless ingested. Azuna works much differently than diffusers, any research done with pets and their direct contact to tea tree oil cannot be related to that of Azuna treatments. As stated before, diffusers disperse tea tree oil as highly concentrated droplets. Azuna is dispersed by airflow and released as particles that are a fraction the size of droplets. These antimicrobial, low concentrate air particles have shown time and time again that they are not harmful to pets. We even have multiple animal shelters across America that use Azuna! 

“Azuna has totally changed my life! I run an abused animal rescue out of my home. Right now we have 5 dogs, 5 cats (and 5 litter boxes). My house always smelt like a kennel no matter what I tried but within 3 days of using Azuna my house smells so clean! I can’t smell the animals or the litter boxes. It’s not a perfume smell or an overpowering smell at all. It just smells clean. And even better, I have one former bait dog that had horrible asthma but since switching to Azuna he’s like a different dog and he hasn’t needed breathing treatments once. This is amazing! I am an Azuna customer for life!!" ~ Danielle Carter (Facebook)

  • Litter Boxes
  • Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about the best places to use your Azuna when dealing with pet funk! Small room treatments work wonders around litter boxes. That gross kitty poop covered with litter disappears when you set an Azuna Small Room Treatment hidden up on a shelf, somewhere near the box but in a location that your cat can’t reach it. 

  • Toy Bins
  • If you own a dog then you know their toys can really start to stink! That stink comes straight from their leftover saliva on toys, and it starts to create bacteria especially when all the toys are together in a bin. A great place for an Azuna treatment is above or near the toy bins where your pooch can’t reach!

  • Food Bowls
  • We all know our pets' food doesn’t smell the greatest! Crumbs get into hidden spots, saliva dries into weird places and accumulates mold and bacteria. Azuna above your pet’s food bowl can help eliminate these bad smells and bacterias at their source!

    There’s endless uses for Azuna but pet related use is one of the most common cases we see from our customers! Oftentimes, bad smells are the only bad part about our best friends. With Azuna, your pet can finally be FLAWLESS!!

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