Getting Ready for Halloween!

Getting Ready for Halloween!

Hi all, my name is AJ Hulton. I am new to the Azuna family and many of you have probably heard from me via email or DM on Facebook/Instagram. I am responsible for marketing coordination and customer service. 

As stated in past blogs, Azuna is a small, family owned business. We are doing our very best to keep all of our customers happy and we appreciate your patience with us as we grow! With Halloween coming soon I figured I’d share some spooky stories for you all!

As a child I had Halloween parties every year with plenty of friends and family, as I am growing older parties are still relevant but not so much this year due to the safety concerns with Covid. The parties when I was younger included endless candy and treats and we looked forward to it every fall. I remember even my Father would get involved, dressing up and banging on the windows to scare all the kids! We were all so scared every year and never really caught on to the fact that my Dad was always missing when the “monster” came banging on the windows.

Hours of trick or treating would follow these parties and those memories will last a lifetime! Through college and recent years costumes turned into jokes and candy turned into alcohol, nothing wrong with some fun. Throughout these years I made plenty of memories with friends as well! New friends and old friends that my Dad used to scare have spent recent Halloween festivities with me and it’s amazing how time flies!

It’s sad to think that this year will be so much different from Halloween in the past. Moving into my new house, I’m not even sure if I will have the opportunity to give trick or treaters candy for the first time! Not to mention, many children won’t even get the chance that I had to make memories with friends on Halloween.

The scariest part of all of this is not that the kids will be kept safe from covid this year, it’s the mold and musty smell in my new house! The house is new to me but by no means is it a brand new house. My basement was horrible when I first moved in! Dark, damp, musty, and so moldy! I started to use Azuna and became a true believer in this product! After a few days and a few small room treatments the smell was gone, and the air felt fresh in my lungs for once. 

This is when I decided I had to join the Azuna team! I would never feel comfortable marketing or pushing a product onto customers that didn’t work as advertised and Azuna WORKS! 

I’m happy to be a part of a small, family owned business that really cares about what they do. Even though Halloween might not be the same this year here in Buffalo New York compared to previous years, at least I’ll be breathing in fresh, clean air thanks to Azuna!

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Azuna Gets Harsh Chemicals Out Of Your House (and Your Life)

Here are a few of the many harsh chemical-laden products that Azuna replaces. Naturally.

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Car Air Freshener

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Fabric Softener

You may not know this but some of the biggest sources of indoor air pollution are the very products that you use to freshen your home, your clothes and your cars. When used, these products release phtalates and other heavy, unnatural chemicals into your air. That's why, according to the EPA, indoor air (where the average American spends 90% of their time) is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.