Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

Hi everyone! My name is Connor and I am the new intern at Azuna. It’s only my first week here and I have already learned so much about the hard work that goes into a business like ours. I would like to thank Scott, our owner, and especially my dad for helping me get into contact with Scott. 

Scott’s son and my younger brother played football together, which led to our dad's bonding during practices and games. So, when I needed an internship for the summer of my Freshman year at college, my dad knew exactly who to have me call.  My father helped set up an opportunity that would help me learn many new experiences that can be important in business and for my lifetime. That’s why he is my hero.

So, to return the favor, I wanted to get him something very thoughtful for Father’s Day. And given that he has started playing squash again, I know exactly what to get him. The new Athlete scent by Azuna would be perfect for his gym bag when he’s getting off the court. 

If you look up to your dad as much as I do and want to get him something special or if he is trying to get back in shape and needs some freshening up, Azuna odor eliminators are the perfect gift!

For a limited time only, use code “FD22” for 22% off of anything on our site! Thank you to all the supportive, caring fathers out there!