New Year, New Me...Smell Like It!!

New Year, New Me...Smell Like It!!

With the holiday season in the rearview mirror, we are coming to that familiar point in the year where we commit to our New Year’s resolutions. The most common resolution we commit to is shedding off those extra holiday pounds we gained and hitting the gym hard once the new year begins. With that being said, those of us who aren’t accustomed to a gym routine may not be aware that all that increased physical activity also invites bacteria, sweat, and body oils which possess some strong odors. In this blog, we are going to share how you can keep those smells in check so you’re focusing on the important stuff like your new fit physique!

Newcomers to the gym life and athletes alike know that your gym clothes, socks, towels and gym apparel left in your gym bag after an intense workout session will start making your bag smell putrid and rank. Another contributing factor to why your gym bag may smell is from the apparel the workout clothes you’re using are made out of. Now that we’ve identified the cause of these potential foul odors, let’s discuss the solution. The Azuna Small & Large Gym Bag Treatments are the perfect sidekicks for you in your physical quest in maintaining mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria that will appear once you get into your gym routine. You’ll have enough to worry about with working out, maintaining a rigorous diet, and even shopping for more form-fitting clothes once those pounds start melting off. Leave the accompanied odors to us and know that Azuna’s anti-microbial odor eliminators will combat any foul or disgusting smells your gym bag will have. 

Both the Azuna Small & Large Bag Treatments stay effective for periods lasting between 60-90 days which will help you focus on those workout goals well into the new year. Also, relying on anti-microbial technology is safer than using chemicals or fragrances to simply mask foul odors. If health is what you’re focusing on, the added benefit of using tea tree oil is an added value benefit to focusing on your internal health as well. All of us at Azuna want to wish you a healthier new year and we’d love to be a part of your workout journey so we can help you achieve those ambitious workout goals!

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