Save Money When Turning in Your Used Car!

Save Money When Turning in Your Used Car!

Odors at home are frustrating enough, but odors in the car can be downright annoying. The average American spends approximately 35 minutes on their daily work commute. When added up, that equals about 19 workdays a year spent sitting in the car. Sitting in car odors for 19 days a year is one thing but what happens when you turn a car in with these odors?

In a report from September 2013, Manheim Consulting, part of the Manheim auction company, reported that there was about a 3% reduction in value for vehicles with a foul or smoky smell. In other words, a $300 reduction in value for a vehicle with a $10,000 price point. You can buy a lot of things with $300!! With Presidents Day coming soon, trading in a car is a priority for many people. 

Our goal with the automobile kit is for you to spend a little so you can save a lot. If you’re thinking about turning a car in whether it be a trade in or turning in a lease, dealerships often make a big point of how a car smells. If the odor is bad that is extra time, money, and manpower they will have to put into the car before reselling it. 

To defeat this extra cost you may incur we put together the perfect automobile odor elimination kit. This kit will include two 2oz treatments and a spray! We recommend placing the treatments in your car (under or on a seat exposed to airflow) for at least 60-90 days before trading in your car. The spray works great on any fabric or surfaces. We recommend spraying fabrics or surfaces in your car multiple times a week leading up to your trade in! 

Whether your car is worth $5,000 or $100,000 on a trade in, 3% can be a significant amount of money! We want you to experience the fresh air Azuna creates and save some money while you’re at it!

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You may not know this but some of the biggest sources of indoor air pollution are the very products that you use to freshen your home, your clothes and your cars. When used, these products release phtalates and other heavy, unnatural chemicals into your air. That's why, according to the EPA, indoor air (where the average American spends 90% of their time) is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.