The Whole Home Kit, Solving the Affordability Riddle

The Whole Home Kit, Solving the Affordability Riddle

Let’s review. 

Incredible product that can eliminate even your toughest smells?  Check.

Manufactured in the USA?  Check.

Ethically sourced, manufactured, and shipped?  Check.

Affordable?  Let’s do the math on that one.

When we started this business, it was the affordability riddle that kept me up at night.  Sure, I know firsthand the power of Azuna, but could we make it affordable for nearly every consumer?  I mean, $15 for one puck?  That’s expensive right?  Or is it?  And even if it’s not, can we do better?

So I sharpened my pencil and evaluated the product, trying best as I could to put myself in a potential new customer’s position. 

First, I purchased every mega-brand chemical based air freshener on the market to compare them from not only a price perspective, but from an efficacy and length of use standpoint.  What I found out, is what many of you probably already know if you’re reading this.  They don’t eliminate odors, they just add to them.  They have none of the mildew/mold/bacteria remediation qualities that Azuna has, and while they’re cheap they burn out rather quickly.

Then I looked at Azuna’s pricing.  If you purchase four pucks, that’s $60.  Now, that’s real money, but those four pucks will cover one room for a year, which breaks down to about $5 per month per room.  That’s pretty good, and cost competitive to the mega-brands you find on the shelf, but I wondered if we could do better. 

Keith, Ryan, and I then discussed different ways that we could get the cost down for the end consumer and what we came up with is the “Whole Home Kit”.  With the “Whole Home Kit” you’ll get Four (4) 2 Oz. pucks AND a 24 Oz. refill for $99.99, and that’s before you add in any additional savings a subscription.  We’re always issuing new discount codes, so keep an eye out for those, but by purchasing the “Whole Home Kit” you are already getting the maximum 20% off.

Now with the “Whole Home Kit” you get 4 rooms for a year, which breaks down to a total cost of $8.25 per month or $2.06 per room per month and that was even before a subscription discount!!! Voila!!!  Now, we are not just cost competitive but superior to the mega-brands you see on the shelf.

Right now you might be thinking, “Wow, this came really easy to these guys.  Sure, they had some happy accidents along the way, but they never faced any real adversity”.  Well, next week I’ll tell you about the first two months we went live and the comedy of errors that ensued.  It’s a fun ride

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You may not know this but some of the biggest sources of indoor air pollution are the very products that you use to freshen your home, your clothes and your cars. When used, these products release phtalates and other heavy, unnatural chemicals into your air. That's why, according to the EPA, indoor air (where the average American spends 90% of their time) is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.