Tips for Decluttering & Freshening Your Home for the Holidays

Tips for Decluttering & Freshening Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner and here are a few tips to help get your home guest-ready. Whether you like to work alone or want to enroll the help of your family - turn on some music or your favorite podcast and let’s get a few things checked off the list.

Clear Out the Clutter

Getting rid of unused items will not only declutter your space, it will also make room for holiday decor and undoubtedly gifts that you will receive. Go room by room and identify items you haven’t used in the past year or longer - what do you want to hold onto and sell or better yet in the spirit of the season - donate to a local shelter, not-for-profit organization, community center, or thrift store.

  • Coat closet - Do you have any coats that don’t fit or no one is wearing? Now is a perfect time to donate them and make space for guests' coats.
  • Kids room & playroom - Get your kids involved and have them find gently used toys that can be donated.
  • Pantry & cupboards - Take stock of what you have, what you need and haven’t used. Free up space and help out those who will need it by giving non-perishables to a local food pantry.
  • Refrigerator & freezer - Now is a great time to clean it out and make space for upcoming holiday meal preparation & storage.


Azuna All Natural Odor Eliminator & Surface Cleaning Spray delivers instant odor elimination and can be used on coats, clothing and more to remove stale, musty odors.

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Keep Cleaning Simple

Set aside a separate time to clean after the clutter’s been cleared and before putting up holiday decorations. A good cleaning ahead of time will make it easier to clean before entertaining as you can simply focus on areas where guests will be: entryway/mudroom, kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and guest room.


All Natural Odor Eliminator & Surface Cleaning Spray also neutralizes bacteria, mold & mildew to help control odors on surfaces - making it perfect for cleaning countertops & sinks!

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Make it Festive & Fresh

It’s time to decorate! Is your home understated or one that people come from all around to look at? In addition to the heirloom decorations, holiday tableware, cozy blankets, and sparkling lights bring a little of nature in with warmly lit greenery, local wreaths, and homemade fresh citrus decorations.


Azuna Odor Eliminator & Air Purifier Treatments uses the natural properties of tea tree oil to eliminate odors at their source, so your house smells fresh and clean when your guests arrive and helps to clear the air again after they leave.

However you celebrate this holiday season, we hope it’s spent enjoying your family and friends.

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