Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Azuna Odor Eliminators This Holiday Season

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Azuna Odor Eliminators This Holiday Season

There’s no season quite like the holiday season and this year is no different! As you start to get your preparations in order for family and friends visiting your home, you have a few other things to keep in mind in order to keep your company happy. With all the responsibility that comes from hosting a home full of guests also comes the unwanted addition of accompanying smells that you’ll have to maintain in order to keep a pleasant and aromatic atmosphere for your guests. Please read below as we outline the top 5 reasons why you should be using Azuna’s Antimicrobial Odor Eliminating products so your home will smell like a winter wonderland all holiday season long! 


(1) Increased Bathroom Usage: Having a full household means you’ll be spending plenty of time together and sharing limited space together as well. One significant area where there will be overlap is the bathroom. We all know the holidays go hand in hand with eating well so down the line, your bathroom may be subject to an array of unwanted smells. We can all agree nobody wants bathroom odors lingering through your home as your other guests are in the festive spirit. For this purpose, we recommend our Small Room Treatment since it combats mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria commonly found in bathroom areas. Also, the Small Room Treatment can handle any room up to 200 square feet and will last 60-90 days, well past the holiday season!


(2) Pet Odors: Whether you’re a pet owner or have guests that own pets, your home may be hosting some four-legged visitors during the holidays. With that being said, your animals have their own odor and can bring that into the house amongst your guests. If the litter box isn't emptied promptly or your canine smells like wet dog from the melting snow, your nostrils may be victim to some unpleasant odors. Not only that, animals have accidents and having that in a crowded home can be overwhelming. Thankfully, our All-Natural Spray does wonders when counteracting odors. With its proprietary blend of tea tree oil and other essential oils, this is the perfect solution in ensuring your abode smells pleasant for all of your visitors. Lastly, an additional benefit of the All-Natural Spray is that it works as a fantastic surface cleaner!


(3) Musty-Smelling Decorations & Ornaments: Decoration time is here, which means it’s time to dig your holiday decorations out of the attic, garage, basement, and musky headquarters they’ve been stowed away all year long. While your Christmas tree, decorations, and wreath may look beautiful on the surface level, they may have had some visitors from critters who left gifts of their own or just have an odor due to being in a mostly unattended room all year long. Keep this in mind and give your decorations a nice spritz with the All-Natural Spray to eliminate any foul-smelling odors so your decorations not only look their best, but smell their best as well!


(4) Food Smells: It’s not the holidays unless you’re enjoying some traditional home cooked meals that you’ve been dying to try all year long. As great as these holiday dishes and treats may taste, their smells are not as welcoming. Some odors associated with cooking can smell greasy, oily, or even have a burnt odor. Aside from leaving a window open or running the vent fan, you should really have another option in place to eliminate these odors. Once again, Azuna offers another solution for this dilemma, the Large Room Treatment which will effectively treat an area such as your kitchen and dining areas up to 800 square feet. 


(5) Body Odor & Smoking: Finally, with having extra people in your home during the holidays, it may get a little crowded and you’ll come across dirty clothes, shoes, and fabrics that can begin to pick up body odor. Not only that, if you have an occasional guest who is a smoker, that can be another odor you’ll have to worry about. The best offense is a good defense and what better defense than utilizing our Whole Home Kit! With 4 single room 2oz jars and a 24oz refillable pouch with 12 pod refills, this will ensure that unwanted stink and stench will not interfere with your holiday cheer!


As the Christmas season continues to ramp up, keep simple house maintenance practices like this in mind so you ensure the good times keep rolling. Having a proactive strategy like this in place will help you keep your abode smelling like an enchanted winter wonderland during the holidays and help your guests enjoy their stay in your home. Happy Holidays from your friends at Azuna!


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