Ultimate Bathroom Odor Eliminator

Ultimate Bathroom Odor Eliminator

We all know mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria thrive in damp conditions. But where in your house is the most damp and stinky room? Yup, you guessed it, the bathroom. Azuna works anywhere there is air but by far one of the most popular spaces for Azuna is the bathroom. 

Black mold growth, bad odors, colored yucky film growing on shower curtains or walls, and unhealthy air are all things we do not want in our bathrooms. Cleaning for hours can get rid of existing mold but how do you prevent it from coming back? Plug-ins and sprays can mask bad smells but how do you eliminate them from even existing without spending tons of money and causing migraines from the overpowering plug-ins? Last but not least, how do you make the air healthy and clean for your lungs? The best answer to all of these questions is Azuna!

Azuna attacks bad air particles for 60-90 days to prevent all of these bad things from happening. Azuna treatments and spray work great in bathrooms but where exactly are the best locations to place your treatment and use your spray? We’ve come to a conclusion that there’s really three great places in your bathroom to place an Azuna small room treatment.

1. On Top or Next to The Toilet

This might be the most obvious place for odor elimination but also the most important! One of the most embarrassing things is having company during the holiday season and having the bathroom stink after being used! Nobody wants this, and no one surely wants a migraine with a poopy lavender scent floating around the house from plug ins. Azuna will take care of this, throw away the plug-ins and sprays!

2. Next to The Sink

Lots of moisture sits in and around that sink! In many cases, we often have mirrors over the sink. Having that Azuna right by the sink where we spend lots of time ensures that clean air is going into your lungs. Whether you’re doing your hair, brushing your pearly whites, or getting your makeup ready for that big date, breathe in clean, fresh air with an Azuna small room treatment.

3. In a Closet & Under The Sink

Many of us have towel closets, drawers under sinks and cabinets filled with random essentials. Moisture can often sneak into these places and not be ventilated properly. Especially under sinks where there are hoses and pipes that can leak or give off moisture. These places are hidden hot spots for mold and bacteria growth! Areas like these are also great because they’re usually unattainable by children and pets.

Whether it’s those messy kids leaving damp towels on the floor, moisture on the walls from bad ventilation, or just a stinky toilet, Azuna keeps you safe from bad odors, mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria build up in your bathroom!

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