Veterans Day

Veterans Day

With Veterans Day fast approaching, it really makes me think of some of the people who are most influential in my life growing up who are no longer with us but were veterans of the US Military.  

Sgt. Michael J D’Aloia, otherwise known as “Pop Pop” was an engineer and translator for Italian prisoners of war during the Second World War.  Pop Pop died in 1993 when I was in college and growing up he was my biggest supporter, at every game with his trusted camera and always embarrassingly (at the time) giving me big kisses and hugs in front of my friends. While Pop Pop never spoke much about his military experience it was years after his death, my uncle found a scrapbook with pictures and captions from his time overseas during WW2. It was so detailed and gave great insight into his tour of duty. He was such a gentle and kind man and many years after the fact I feel like it made me even closer to him to see that scrapbook.  Thank you for your service POP POP!! I miss you every day!!!

Another big influence in my life was Jack Shave, our neighbor, our close family friend, my sister’s Godfather and the Patriarch of the family, we did everything together. Jack passed away in part due to exposure to Agent Orange and over the past few years his oldest son John and I have re-connected and shared texts and calls about our current lives and reminisced about the past. Mr. Shave was a decorated soldier who was overseas in the Vietnam War from November 1967-69. He received a Vietnam Service Medal, 2 Bronze Service Stars, an Air Medal for Heroism beyond the Call of Duty among many other accolades for his service. To me growing up he was Mr. Shave , the only man besides my father and grandparents that was allowed to discipline me!! He was tough, he was kind and he was a hard working family man just like my own father.  I didn’t even know of his service to our country until I recently spoke with John.  That was the type of man he was , reserved, calm, tough and just a solid man’s man.  Thank you for your service Mr. Shave!!!!

At Azuna, we are a family built , American made company with core values that our customers, vendors, partners, supporters are our family as well.  We are making a donation of Azuna to the local Veterans Hospital today in the memory of Michael D’Aloia and Jack Shave and the memory of all who have served our country.  God Bless America and God Bless our Veterans on their day!!!  Please feel free to use the discount code FAMILY20 to get 20% off of our products.

~Scott Dancy (Owner)

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