Why Tea Tree Oil is Better & SAFER Than Fragrances

Why Tea Tree Oil is Better & SAFER Than Fragrances

Your home is your kingdom, your palace, your safe space. After a long day, you want to relax in the comfort and more importantly, the safety of your own home free of worry. Whether you’re aware or not, simply utilizing fragrances to mask odors may cause more harm than good. See below for the top 3 reasons why using tea tree oils in your home will not only create a more pleasant atmosphere for you to dwell in, it’ll also eliminate invisible threats you may currently not even be aware of!

  1. Masks Vs. Eliminating Odors: Before we delve into the benefits of replacing your fragrances with tea tree oil, we first need to explain what tea tree oil is. Tea tree oil is an essential oil that contains antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties. Azuna’s slow-release gel formula utilizes the benefits of tea tree oil to improve the quality of indoor air by eliminating odors at their microorganism source and killing harmful bacteria, microbes and viruses. Fragrances on the other hand are formulated to smell good but don't go any further in terms of eradicating odors. The average fragrance simply masks the odor which may still not entirely eliminate what’s causing the smell, it only blankets the stench in the given area. 

  1. Invisible Threats in Your Home: Invisible to the naked eye never applied more to a scenario than in our next segment. When using fragrances, air plugs, or any other chemical-based deodorant to combat foul odors in your home, you may be doing more harm than good by having these in your arsenal. The major distinction between these fragrances and Azuna’s odor-eliminating capabilities boils down to one word, phthalates. Phthalates (pronounced “thalates”) exist in most commonly used fragrance products and can pose more of a threat than the source causing your odor. Extensive research has shown that phthalates can cause severe health issues such as asthma, breast cancer, obesity, type II diabetes, increased risk of thyroid cancer as well as a host of other negative health side effects. 

  1. Eliminating Odor at the Source: We discussed eliminating odors in the first point, but I’d like to delve into this a bit further. Fragrances fail to eradicate the source of odors and merely blanket existing smells. Tea tree oil can either attack these odors airborne or on contact. The tea tree oil permeates the cell membrane of microbes and inhibits cell respiration effectively killing bacteria, mold, mildew spores and other microbes as well as some harmful viruses. As opposed to having an artificial aroma in your room masking odors that can be quite potent, Azuna’s odor-eliminating products will literally clean the air (and surfaces) in your room to let your room smell like actual clean, organic air!

As the name implies, essential oils such as tea tree oil really do seem to be “essential” for better and safer living. Not only are they a natural, safe, non-toxic way to clean any area in your home, but they are also a far more healthy alternative to what you may be currently using to spritz and spray your home. Now’s the time to literally clear the air and throw out the potentially cancer-causing fragrances and replace them with Azuna’s antimicrobial odor eliminators today!