Single Room Treatment | $14.99

Single Room Treatment

Single Room Treatment | $14.99

Natural Scent

  • Effectively treat a single room up to 200 square feet
  • Each 2 oz jar stays effective for 60-90 days
Scent: Crisp & Fresh


Read what are customers have to say about Azuna!

Amazing customer service just makes this already amazing air purifier that much better!! I use this in my shop and in my home and doesn't bother anyones sensitivity to smell and really takes any musty odors away! Definite 5 star review!!!

Laura B.

Azuna really helped clear some new smells that have moved into our house recently. We have new dogs and our very Elder in laws now lives with us. I very much wanted to rid our home of the new aromas without using heavy sprays you find in the stores. Azuna fit the bill perfectly!

Amy K.

This product is amazing! I love it! It has removed odors from every room in my house...I placed Azuna in my bathroom that every 2 weeks I was scrubbing mold off the tile but now after 6 weeks still no mold or mildew stains or smell since putting the azuna in there!

Adele L.