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Azuna for laundry? Our LaundryFresh Dryer Ball Kit helps soften + freshen clothes and shorten dry time. 

Have your own dryer balls? Add one of our tea tree oil-based sprays to your laundry routine for a super fresh, non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to conventional dryer sheets!

Today is National Lost Sock Day
- here are a few tips to help keep your pairs together forever:

  • Wash socks in their own load or in mesh bags (sneaky socks hide in pant legs and shirt sleeves!)
  • Always launder socks in pairs
  • Check for stragglers between the sheets and under the bed
  • Embrace mismatched socks as a lifestyle choice!

Pro-tip: Extend the wear of your favorite shirt or pair of jeans with refresh using one of our odor eliminating sprays!     

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7 products

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