4 Ways a Smoke Odor Eliminator Will Help You Get Your Security Deposit Back

4 Ways a Smoke Odor Eliminator Will Help You Get Your Security Deposit Back

We’ve all been there: you’re in the middle of packing up your apartment to move on to bigger and better things and you discover an issue. Packing up a home can be stressful enough, but to discover an issue that might jeopardize your security deposit being returned can be infuriating. Without a consistent and thorough property inspection, you might run the risk of discovering that, on move-out day, you’re not getting your money back.

Have you considered, though, what you might be missing in your routine apartment inspections? Particularly if you are a smoker, frequently burn incense, or do some heavy-duty cooking in the kitchen, what might end up causing issues for you is the odor trapped in your carpet. 

If you have a home with carpeting, live with a smoker, or are looking to eliminate odor from your carpets to ensure that your security deposit comes back in full, it’s time to invest in an odor eliminator. Keep reading for four ways a smoke odor eliminator will help you get your security deposit back. 

How Does a Security Deposit Work?

A security deposit is typically a sum of money that a tenant pays before their rental period begins as part of the contract to rent or for the landlord to hold onto in case the property is damaged. Most often, security deposits act as a financial deterrent for incurring any damage in the apartment. 

There are two kinds of security deposits: refundable and non-refundable. Though it may sound obvious, a non-refundable security deposit means that you, the tenant, will not be getting that security deposit back. The most common non-refundable security deposit amount is in the form of the cost of last month’s rent. 

Refundable security deposits are not automatically contributed towards a month’s rent, or other charges that might be outlined in the lease, but will be returned to you after your rental agreement expires. If, however, you have incurred damage on the property, did not pay rent, or have caused issues in the space then you might be at risk of not having your security deposit returned. 

Smoke-Related Property Costs

One of the most overlooked issues that tenants are faced with is their security deposit being jeopardized because of smoke-related property issues. If you or someone you live with is a smoker, then you might risk not having your security deposit returned because of smoke-related issues. 

Tobacco smoke, specifically, contains substances like nicotine and tar which can stick to surfaces, including your home’s walls and counters. The gasses from tobacco and other smoking products can also get trapped in carpeting, rugs, drapes, and sheets. Long after smoking has stopped, this residue can re-emit harmful substances back into the air which can pose health risks.

In addition to causing unwanted odors and unsightly staining, these sticky substances and gasses can cause problems when you’re trying to get your security deposit back. If that smell won’t come out of the carpet, there’s a chance you might be charged. 

Communication with your landlord, clarity around the terms of your lease, and ensuring that your lifestyle is aligned with those lease terms are all effective ways to make sure that no one is surprised on move-out day.

Eliminate Odors for Good

So what now? You know that smoking and smoke can cause property damage, which can inhibit your ability to get your security deposit back. One of the most important things to remember is that establishing a routine cleaning ritual is key and that your cleaning needs to get to the root of the issue: eliminating odors and the unwanted toxins that cause them. 

While a smokey smell isn’t likely to be grounds for your security deposit not being returned, the toxins found in smoke-producing agents like tobacco products can stain your apartment walls and get stuck in carpeting. If there is permanent damage due to smoke, the carpets will likely have to be replaced and walls repainted, resulting in your security deposit not being returned. 

Don’t you want to live in a home that is odor-free? By only using an air freshener, you’re just masking a smell that won’t go away until you address it. Prioritize ridding unwanted odors by introducing your home to an odor eliminator that will freshen the air as it cleans it. 

#1: Create a Cleaning Ritual

Do you have a cleaning ritual? We’re not talking about a chore chart or a designated day for cleaning, but a full-on way of moving through space with intention and care. Whether you’re living in your space alone, with a partner, or have a family, building a cleaning ritual is a really important part of creating a space that is clean and clear.

A cleaning ritual includes regular sanitization and cleaning of spaces in your home, which helps you figure out which spaces need more attention, and how often they need that attention. By creating a cleaning ritual, you’re also developing a habit of regularly checking on all areas of your home, so that there are no unwanted surprises during the stress of move-out week. 

With research supporting how a clean space supports your mental health, it’s no surprise that building a ritual of cleaning can not only support your wellness but your wallet as well. Though it may sound intense to think of cleaning as a “ritual,” there’s nothing wrong with developing and creating an orientation around caring for your home that prioritizes clean air. 

#2: Prioritize High-Quality Air Circulation

There’s no use in circulating air filled with toxins, bacteria, or other unwanted molecules. Cleaning your home’s air filters, ducts, and central spaces is an important part of ensuring that you aren’t circulating more toxins than clean air. However, sometimes higher quality air circulation isn’t enough to do the job. That’s where odor eliminators come into play. 

Used in combination with better circulation, clean air filters, and regular cleaning, this odor eliminator + air fresher spray from Azuna will have your space feeling fresher immediately. 

#3: Invest in an Odor Eliminator

An odor eliminator is one of those investments that doesn’t cost much but yields high returns. This premium whole home kit from Azuna makes it easy to eliminate odors while not having to worry about running out of clean, fresh air mid-year. The best thing about Azuna’s odor eliminators is that they work naturally to neutralize odors caused by mold, mildew, and other harmful toxins (like smoke) in your rooms. 

With odor eliminators for rooms both small and large and a year’s worth of refills, this premium home kit will have the air in your home purified and have you breathing easier. This home kit doesn’t mask odors like a chemically-created air freshener, it actually clears and freshens air with its unique tea tree oil-based gels and spray. Say goodbye to the smoky smell trapped in your carpet and drapes.

#4: Use Clean Ingredients That Eliminate Odors, Not Mask Them

Ask yourself: are you trying to eliminate odors or just mask them? There are a number of differences between a chemically-created air freshener and an odor eliminator, but the biggest one is that an air freshener does nothing to actually rid your space of unwanted odors. Bring clean ingredients into your home, not more harsh chemicals

Especially for smokers, an odor eliminator can help you abate the unwanted odors at hand. Instead of scrambling during a stressful move-out week to find a home remedy to address smoke smells and residue, invest in an odor eliminator. Azuna’s products eliminate the need for stress and worry around a home that smells like smoke and other bad funky odors, and will help your move-out process go more swiftly. 

The Bottom Line 

If you have unwanted odors in your home, or are trying to build a cleaner lifestyle for you and your family — and don’t want a costly surprise on move-out day — invest in more than an air freshener - invest in an odor eliminator. While your apartment smelling of smoke may not be grounds for your landlord to keep your security deposit, it can cause issues with your carpeting, walls, and drapes that might result in necessary remediation.

If you have a refundable security deposit, it will likely be returned because of how well-kept your home is. Investing in an odor eliminator and air purifier is not only an investment in bettering the air quality that you breathe but also a commitment to a higher quality of life. 


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