Love Your Air Again!

Make sure there’s nothing more than love in the air this Valentine’s Day.

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  • Pure & Natural

    Natural Tea Tree Oil. No harmful chemicals.

  • Cleans Your Air

    Neutralizes odors caused by microbes in the air and on surface

  • Long-lasting

    Our slow-release gel works 24/7 for 60-90 days.

  • Pet & Child Friendly

    Safe for use around pets and children.

When Life Stinks, add Azuna

From smelly shoes and sports equipment to last night's dinner and a wet dog, life happens and sometimes... it stinks.

Over time, we can become nose blind to these and other everyday odors, but now there's another option: Azuna.

Our odor eliminating gels work quietly behind the scenes for up to 90 days, their unique formula neutralizing odors in the air caused by mold and mildew 24/7.

Plus our sprays can be used in the air and on surfaces - they are seriously all-purpose! Sprays instantly eliminate new odors whenever and wherever they pop up in the air - the kitchen, the bathroom, or anywhere that smells a little funky. They can also be used to freshen and deodorize soft surfaces like upholstery, sneakers, bedding and more.

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What's Not to Love?

  • Azuna uses the natural properties of tea tree oil to neutralize odors at the source and help prevent new ones from forming.
  • Pet + kid friendly
  • Made in Buffalo, NY
  • Biodegradable | Phthalate-Free | Vegan | Cruelty-Free
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